Eddie’s Grill and Dairy Queen

Summer 1985 to December 2014, Geneva on the Lake, Ohio


  • Prior to taking the Bench as Judge on Your Court of Common Pleas, for over the past 28 years, experience as an owner, manager and employee of Eddie’s Grill, a Sezon family-run business still in existence since 1950. Skills include participation and knowledge of business operations, human resource management, financial administration, business legalities and customer service.
  • Marianne’s past experience has included the hiring, training, budgeting, and supervision of employees.
  • Worked with Village Officials and Police on a variety of business issues, as well as suppliers and distributors.
  • Legal experience includes contract, employment and franchise law, creation and application of workplace policies and regulations, including workers’ compensation and health/safety requirements.
  • Worked from the “bottom up”, starting as “bus girl” at a young age, learning necessity of strong work ethic, self discipline and customer satisfaction.